Now You have got to see this Video!!!

Hello Friends…I came across this video that gives a wonderful explanation of Mary and the various biblical truths relating to her.. deep in Scripture and yet very exciting…

I learnt some more things there. It would be something you would want to share to friends and family after watching…

Are you a Catholic on fire for the Gospel and for the defence of the truths of the Catholic Faith and want to get a quick and yet profound summary of the biblical teaching on Mary?? then this video is for you….

Are you a non-catholic seeking to know where and how from scripture, Catholics hold Mary in high regard…and what exactly the Bible has to say about it?? Then this video is also for you!!!

I wouldn’t want to feed you with the details…check it out and see for yourself…

Be part of the New Evangelization by sharing this as well for others to see…


Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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