This day is unforgettable I guess…

Okay… I am back!!! And yeah, I know what you are thinking. You probably want to cut my head off at this moment. Or you would probably be like, ‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???’. Well, the important thing is that I am back now, and I promise I will do my best to remain with you every day.

What happened?
well, the ASUU strike was called off, I had a pile of 6 months med school work waiting for me, you don’t want to know. And then I had my Professional Exams, My First!!! in few months, so I had to get busy, busy to the point that saving time for extras seemed like wasting it. But thank God I came out of that really successful and now I am back!!!

However, the exams weren’t easy. not that i found writing the exams themselves difficult, but the times were. the tension and anxiety, especially of not knowing what to expect and all, the constant reminder of all you were told by your seniors which you didn’t do, and then the stress, all the work, to the extent that you start making plans for the next year in order to console yourself for the errors you made the last year. its not really easy writing an exam based on everything you have been learning for a year, but yea, that’s the system.

Actually, i would like to start off again with you on a personal basis, engaging more, and leaving room for discussions in the comments box, that’s why i chose to narrate to you my experience of that exam that I would not forget. On the whole, the exams went well, the first day was Anatomy, pretty good, I had to write 9 essays on the various regions of the body in about three hours. I tell you, I type, but writing with a pen for that long?, with that kind of speed? I had intractable pain on my right arm for the next two days. Well, I had fun writing though, because I kinda knew what to write, after a break on that day we had to do another round of 300 mcqs. The next day was Biochemistry, hardly slept throughout the night, I realized Biochem, as we call it, was really much, I had to get as much as possible into my head. I can remember I was constantly tempted to go to bed, yeah, but seeing my colleagues keeping wake, I constantly changed my mind.

And then came my unforgettable day, the day of my best course among the three, the day of Physiology. By the way, I loved Physiology, not because I got my highest grades in Physiology, my highest grades were in Biochemistry, but because I enjoyed reading Physiology. On that day, I didn’t even have breakfast, nothing, and the exams were divided into two sections. You know what, after that exam, I swore I would never enter an exam hall without a meal. For the first part I finished writing before time, I submitted my scripts before time, only for me to leave the hall and realize I forgot to draw the ECG diagram!!! Something I knew!!! I mean, while in there it never crossed my mind!!! well that was just the first part. I returned for the second part and guess what, I wrote my essays very well, and finished and closed my sheets, and lay down on the table, annoyed that I had some over 30 more minutes, and we were not allowed to submit before time, I just sat there doing nothing, the exams were quite easy, I couldn’t have missed a thing. Lo and Behold, I did miss a thing!!! It was at that point, when I heard the invigilator say, ‘Time Up!’ that I overheard my colleagues discussing a question and mentioned ‘Nucleus Tractus Solitarius’…wait a minute, I know that thing, but I can’t remember having put it down on paper. I opened my scripts, read through my essay on the Taste Pathway and wow!!! I had skipped that part.

I looked around, my row was not submitting yet, what should I do?? Should I just scribble down something, I mean I already had it all figured out, the space where that should have been, everything. And then a thought came, this is malpractice, It’s not right!!! I mean what If I am caught, I have never done this before, I could be embarrassed or worse still, I could fail, but still I continued looking at that little space, and the more I looked, the more my hands went closer to the paper, and dang!!! I wrote it! I did it! well, i could face the consequences later, but yea, I did it!!! Then I gradually closed my booklets and arranged them properly feeling safe, only for me to get a tap on my back, and yea, you’re right, the invigilator. He asked me if I had finished writing, and when I said yes, he seized my scripts…apparently he saw me.

But to cut the long story short, he was not mad, he just cautioned me, some people had done worse, but not until I had to beg my way to his office, help him pack all his things from the class, and endure a long speech about how I should be a good boy and how he was benevolent. Would not want to tell you about what happened in Church afterwards, but that experience haunted me till the results were out, I really felt so bad after what happened, like I had let a lot of people down, like I had let God down, but thank God for his mercies though, I passed!!!

Chibuzor F. Ogamba


Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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