I Speak Of Love

Love! Something so powerful, something so beautiful, something so special. At the heart of human desires, at the very foundations of human existence, lies this word made of just four letters, this word that is yet bigger than four, that expresses something bigger than itself, that expresses something bigger than the person who pronounces that word.
Love! Something many if not all do want, but something that has been subconsciously pushed far away from our reach, something people no longer believe exists, something man has bastardized and reduced to what it is not. And people wonder why the world is so sad, why life seems unfair, well isn’t it because the very essence that gives life its fairness has been divulged from life itself and separated from life? Life without love is now imaginable, it is a life that has lost all its beauty and fairness. A life that is sad and adorned with darkness and gloom.

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Love! A very insistent lover indeed! Who, though humanity pushes it far away from itself, still sneaks in to find unassuming ways of showing itself, and though man does admire it, man never reaches out to get hold of it, for man is so engrossed with himself, and cannot let go of himself. We have so early forgotten, that the secret to life lies in Love, lies in reaching out of our very selves and beholding and touching the other. That’s why we were made with eyes, ears, mouth, a nose, and skin, all because of the other, all because of reaching out and seeing, touching, smelling, speaking to and hearing the other. Or can a man look inwards and not outwards? Or speak inwards and not outwards by letting out air from his mouth? Or smell inwards or hear inwards? The skin cannot even feel inwards.
Love is life! That is exactly who we are and are made to be. Love is, if understood for the reality it describes, a haven, or rather a heaven. Love is not a respecter of male or female, of rich or poor, of black or white, love sees the real person and admires the uniqueness of that person, for if love is life, only love can understand what to live really means, and what is happiness than to be in accord with what being is about, to be fulfilled, to be right in one’s being. To love therefore is to be happy!
Love is when a boy looks into another boy’s eye and appreciates the gift of that other boy, sees the other boy for who he really is, irrespective of what he does or what he has done or what he will do or what has been done to him, love is when a girl hears the other girl speak and truly hears not the voice, not the words that come out of her mouth, but truly hears the other for who she is, love is when a boy smells and feels a girl and when a girl feels a boy, and realizes that no matter the texture of his or her skin, the roughness or softness thereof, he or she feels the other for who the other is. Love is when two people irrespective of design or gender, irrespective of race or religion, open their mouths and say nothing but ‘LOVE’ to each other.
 How then, can someone claim to be living when he does not love, or when his love has limits, boundaries, or walls? Is he or she indeed free when he or she’s ability to love is restricted, when love is prevented from expressing itself because of some flimsy excuses, because of self, culture, society, or whatever it is? The ancients say we come into this world alone and leave alone, but do we have to also live alone? Do we have to allow the mistakes of others, the decisions of others, unchecked to bind us and prevent us from being, from loving, from living?
Some say that life is a crisis, I say that the Crisis is one of Love. The greatest problem of our very existence is the crisis of Love!
Whenever you hear that word, what comes to your mind?

Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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