Found Him Yet?

I am a Christian, In fact, I am a Catholic. Day by day I come into a deeper encounter with what the essence of Christianity is, you know, something not everybody easily gets these days, something many people got in the past and was the attractive force for bringing so many people into the Christian Faith. You know what I am talking about?

Not to worry, you will soon. One of my favorite quotations from the Bible is a sentence of three words, each time I think about it, it opens up a deep ocean of discovery that many times, I am not even ready to delve into. A statement so profound, many thinkers and theologians have meditated on its depth for ages. It may actually be the answer to many atheists and indeed religious people who are in search of who or what God really is. You know what that sentence is? God is Love! A description of that other being that is so deep I doubt if John, though he was called the beloved one, actually understood the entirety of its depth, of its mystery.

Despite all of this, even many Christians do not know of what I speak, even I do not know of what I speak, many of us discuss it, some ignore it, and others reduce it to a simple smile or an act of being nice. For many Christians, when the Bible speaks of love, they imagine saying hi to people, laughing at another’s not really funny joke, saying nice things, having a good laugh or asking after someone when the person is sick. Of course these are signs of love no doubt, before certain people stone me to death with words of reproach, but a ‘love’ that is restricted to that is so superficial and is robbed of its very depth, no wonder people hardly find it appealing for themselves, but love is so much more than just being nice and performing acts of niceness. The fact is, for a heart in love, these things are not big deals, and they are indeed small deals. A heart that is captured in the reality of love does not see these things as efforts to love, but as fruits that characterize an existing encounter. Yes! That’s the word!!! Love is an encounter. Love is encountering a person, in the totality and in the now of his being. Love is reaching passed that barrier of flesh and reaching out and touching that which it conceals.

What do you then think is the result of two people who love each other? When heart speaks to heart? The Hebrew people used the word heart to describe the very center of a person’s intelligence, desires, passions, emotions and will. The very essence of the person’s being. Love is when my heart reaches out to another’s heart. In fact, I have done a bad job at really describing this to you, but imagine, just for a second that the transcendent and immanent is described by this very word. Imagine the greatness and transcendence this very word would take on. To him, as many have described, this word transcends into being, to God Love is being, his being, his Spirit, and we, you and I are the very expressions of this Spirit.

Oh! And I forgot, It’s a new Month!!! I wish you a love-filled one!



Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

2 thoughts on “Found Him Yet?”

  1. Exactly the same sentiments I find hard to explain. I’m a christian because God loves me. Its not the other way round. His love overwhelms me and drowns me that the only thing I can spit out is love. And then you realize how deeply beautiful that love is .
    By the way, nice blog you have here


    1. Thank you very much for visiting,reading and sharing your thoughts with me. Thanks for the compliments too…I agree with you on the fact that we are Christians because God first and foremost loved us and still loves us…many of us should constantly remember that as well and share that love with others


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