Thank You Jesus For Mary

These words strike me as I write this on this great day of Our Lady, Our Mother, on this day when the whole Church marks her Assumption. Many people wonder at the way Catholics venerate the Mother of God, well I hope they find the answer and join in appreciating God for the gift of this woman, and so by extension, the gift of our salvation.

Today I specially want to thank God for salvation, and the manner which he chose to orchestrate it, for creating a human-divine family, for being first of all part of that human family for the purpose of divinizing it. He became part of our human history in order to divinize it, to raise it up to heavenly heights. He simply took a sample, a first fruits, himself leading on, divine as he is already, and then worked the miracle with his own human family, and called us to be part of that family by taking a position in him.
This family consists of the Divine Progenitor and the Human bearer, we all being human are not figuratively but indeed Divinized by coming into Christ and having as it were, not only his Father and His God, but also his Mother, his Eve and his Co-worker.

Today I also want to thank Jesus for showing us, through the Assumption, the way we ourselves would go if we like Mary, do his will, surrender to his divine plan for us at all times and in all circumstances, no matter the cost. I want to specifically thank him for exalting the human person yet again by this singular act, in love he has shown us the reward of a lowly and humble heart, a heart always attuned to God’s will, and rapped in his never failing love, viz Glorification.
I want to finally thank you dear Mother, for thinking of all of us in advance and accepting so much grief and anguish for us, for choosing to accept the angel’s words despite the threat of being stoned to death, despite the threat of being defamed in the eyes of your betrothed, despite the threat of being seen as stupid, of having to explain such an occurrence to your parents and friends, of having to leave your comfort zone and your own plans to bear the pain of the crucifixion of your maternal heart and the loss of your only son. I thank you for accepting Jesus on behalf of humanity, for without your ‘yes’, where would our salvation be? Probably delayed, or never coming. I thank you Mother for your maternal protection of all of us, including those who spite you, who never love you, who do not understand you and who discourage your children from talking to you. You still care for us all the same, like you cared for our savior God, and saved him Herod.
Mother, in your glory behold us, behold your Children whom you bore forth in the order of Grace and continue to protect us from that infernal serpent who continues to struggle to devour us your children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.

Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

One thought on “Thank You Jesus For Mary”

  1. A mother’s heart and her son’s body. An apt title. Must have really killed Mary to watch a son die even more so because he was innocent even more so because it was humiliating.

    If she were Igbo I can imagine what some of the “ndi nne mama” might have been saying behind her back while Jesus was being led to the slaughter.

    Nice read!


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