Dearest Foe

a letter to you my friend,

my closest companion,

a song for you my love,

the apple of my eyes,


a curse on you my enemy,
the source of the blades behind me,
a petition against you my unjust judge,
that office you were never meant to hold,

it is for you that my heart,
in pangs of pain cries out,
with my face gorgeously gloomy,
i honestly ask why,

why do you treat me so,
as though existence were for all but me,
why do your eyes cause your heart such grief,
when they accidentally fall on me,

why to you are my actions,
the very definition of evil,
the very opposite of your likes,

how do my jokes turn out insults,
as though my words pierce you like a triple edged sword,
for you a quarrel with me is a friendly gesture,
a fight with me a best friend’s gift,

what then in me is poisonous,
when i wasn’t the poison,
in your late uncle’s last meal,

i have stressed you with love and care,
i intrude when i want to share your problems.
and i joke so expensive,
when i dress to go out with you,

i look at you a friend i do desire,
whose thin lines of smiles,
and narrow bows of laughter,
are only hatred shrouded in secrecy,

my soup is a stomach upset,
my dishes are never fully cooked,
your terribly high friendship standard,
can be reached by anyone but me,

do i really resemble the devil,
for your enemy has become your friend,
only just because he has fought me,

of course respect is reciprocal,
and if i joke with you i do not have it,
of course if you were given a knife you would stab me,
and yet i am still called your friend,


Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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