I am Christian


who says am not Christian,

my inner desire is materialism,

I worship wealth, pride and success,

with God as a means,


we are christian,
we people the earth,
we read bibles always,
but evil through us multiplies,

of course we are christian,
we go to church on sundays,
to feed our brains and stress our lips,
while our hearts and minds are still far,

you are christian,
you leave one church for another,
you say its the same God,
but which did you leave behind,

of course he is christian,
he believes thus he’s faithful,
but good works are superfluous,
and his faith never bears fruit,

she is christian yes she is,
who has God for a remote control,
she only knows him,
for he answers to her wants,

why that real christian,
the bible says,
the preacher says,
but the I never does,

they are christian,
they crave to hear a preacher,
but what for them is true,
is that which pleases their conscience,

I that christian,
i have the love of God,
but grudge and hate others,
who do not share the same faith,

i am christian so unique,
love is for those who love me,
hatred for those who hate me,
am i indeed that different,

a strong one yes i am,
they need to be converted,
they need to be preached to,
but i infact am headed for doom


Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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