The ‘D’ Obsession…

by: Uchendu George Ifeanyichukwu


It feels good to be back!Its being a pretty long, soul searching & seemingly never-ending sabbatical but i am happy i am back sharing my thoughts on burning issues in & around medical schools.

Having discussions with some of my colleagues brought this issue to the fore…WHATS WITH A ‘D’?Why does a ‘D’ seemingly transform the ‘life’ of a medical student in the eyes of his/her peers?For a part 1 & part 2 medical student, getting a D is the clincher, the APEX/PINNACLE of his medical education & you won’t blame them because a lot actually changes at the sight of that big, bold, black letter beside a matric. number at the result board. The class begins to see you in another dimension. They begin to see you as an academic god, one with brains associated with the likes of Ben Carson & co.Basically, the respect & attention sky rockets!

For the lady, the guys take it easy with her,they become cautious,courteous,nice,name it.They play ‘perfect gentleman’ as they try to get her to be ‘reading partners’ & depending on their success,they take it higher *winks*. For the guy, he just hit a JACKPOT! he becomes the toast of the ladies, the ‘ladies man’, they flock him seeking tutorials & at departmental events like DINNERS, he doesn’t have to worry about ladies to ‘rock’.

The ‘D’ obsession taken over medical schools in Nigeria (with COLLEGE OF MEDICINE,UNILAG as a big example)as students devise various strategies ranging from reading in front of the church altar to cramming textbooks from cover to cover, students stop at nothing to get the ‘D’. But come to think of it, you want the ‘D’ yea, but there is an easier way to get it…DON’T THINK ABOUT IT! Surprised?What is he saying? I am right! DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. Yes,your in-courses have been splendid, you have been ‘fapping’, going to tutorials, you have been at the top of your game yea, everything points to the fact that you will get the ‘D’. But once these thoughts get stuck in your head, you get crazy about it & slowly,gradually you drift….so as i said earlier, DON’T THINK ABOUT IT,IT WILL COME.

Do the needful, 

  • read smart
  • study efficiently
  • eat well
  • sleep enough
  • be humble in learning from anyone & everyone.
  • pray if you believe

Just clear your mind & don’t dwell so much on the ‘D’, it will come.

I will leave you with thoughts on reproductive physiology(used commonly by Prof. Adegoke of the dept. of Physiology,CMUL), I so love this thought and it goes thus….THE MORE YOU THINK ABOUT AN ERECTION/ORGASM, THE MORE DIFFICULT IT IS TO ATTAIN!

Heartfelt appreciation to my ‘big bro’ BABATUNDE ALLI(500L BDS,UNILAG), the inspiration behind this write up. Your excerpts on this issue proved valuable.



Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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