The Great Silence


in the depths of my heart,

bellows of happiness,

rain drops of love,

gold strings of silence,


looking into the night’s sky,
flashes from my past,
images from the future,
soaring in the present,

dead in the fantasy,
alone in that coven called the mind,
all through the dark night,
with me,myself and i,

deep in my thoughts,
away from the world,
yet very present in it,
my soul escapes,

as i peer into the dark,
to what end never comes,
but further down i go,
only when i let go,

in my dreams the movements,
only shrouded in secrecy,
available to the mind’s eye,
ears never perceive,

alone on a mountain,
with the wind dashing forth,
eyes over the land,
thoughts busy within,

up in the skies,
above the rain clouds,
beneath the blue sheath,
the birds nested on trees below,

suspended in the space,
in the island of the moon,
no life but mine,
no movements no land,

far before the world,
in the beginning of creation,
on the waters of the deep,
the being hovers with out a sound,

in the womb of a lady,
nothing around speaks,
dangling whirling forming,
ever so to rest,

drained in the tunnels,
i lay half sunk,
the silence disturbed,
by drops from the pipes,

oh don’t break the silence,
yes so delicate,
nothing moves and nothing stops,
not even a particle in air,

buried in the earth,
locked in a coffin,
never to see the light of day,
nor hear sounds of footsteps,

completing my journey,
to the great beyond,
what lies beneath,
the wonders of existence,

carry me I’ll love to go,
down the deep I’ll love to sink,
give me wings I’ll fly with you,
deep down into the great silence,


Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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