The Song of a Sinner

by: Prince Ndionyenmah

How beautiful is this day for it is the Lord who made it so. He tells the Sun to give its heat again, and the atmosphere it’s weather. O! How wonderful is this day for He fills the birds in the skies whose songs are like a morning hymn. The leaves He bathes with the dew, and so they flourish with every pride. For I am healthy and strong this morning; only last night did I sleep very weak and weary. And then who says this day isn’t perfectly crafted…who says each day isn’t a gift. Show me the man who hates this life and let me be a proof that life is worth living.

Are offenders of the law ever congratulated? Do they ever receive an award from the judge for being law breakers? But even in my filth I’m loved. I slept a sinner and woke up a greater one. The Almighty has blesses us with eachday; this is the foremost of all His gifts.

Evil is my nature my flesh is worthless. I remember all my blessings, but my sins I cannot count. O Lord depart from me for who am I that you should invest your love. I am a sinner and so have I been since my conception. I’ve called your name with a blasphemous lips and praised you with an evil heart. My eyes have caused me to sin everyday, yet you have not blinded them when I stare at you in the Blessed Sacrament. My hands have stolen, yet still I caress your Holy book with them; my feet led me to unholy places, and you allow into your presence even with my shoes on. My ears have welcomed gossip and my tongue cursed your loving creatures. O God You know my dirty heart and yet you protect me going out and coming in.

Who is the soul that laments on his poor life. Let that man who says there is no God get a cure for death. For the Lord God is gracious and every proof of His love is the gift of another day of life.

If only You will purge me O Lord and I shall be clean again. Give me tests that I may in them find virtues. Teach me the mystery of Life being Love; one that is sacrificial and not selfish. So that I may endure every circumstance of life, and embrace every challenge with love in the hope that through it, I may reap its fruits which is goodness; perfect goodness which is You O Lord!


Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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