Your Talent and Your Career- The Link

by: Uchendu George Ifeanyichukwu

Good evening readers!

It feels good to be here again sharing my thoughts with y’all. Before I get on with it, I must send my hearty felicitations to a brother, friend, colleague and co-writer OGAMBA CHIBUZOR FRANKLYN LINUS as he adds a year today. May your creative spice never lose its taste, may your creative juice never run dry!

I was privileged to be at the career fair organized by the Association of Medical Students, University of Lagos (AMSUL) on the 15th of July (yesterday) titled MEDICINE: BEYOND SPECIALIZATION with sessions talking about politics and policy making, academics and research and the business of health care management (Health insurance). I was at the session on politics (that is my inclination) and I must say, it was very insightful.  HON.DR. AJIBAYO ADEYEYE, a former AMSULite, very active in school politics then as he was a founding member of the AMSUL and one time Senate President of the association, a Medical Doctor (anesthesiologist), a front line politician (Immediate past majority leader in the Lagos State House of Assembly, 2007-2015) explained in details the workings of the political landscape in Nigeria and the big roles doctors are meant to play in policy making especially as regards health issues.

That said, I want to look at the correlation between your talent/passion and your medical career. A lot of us are studying medicine cos our parents told us to and as such might not find so much fulfillment as doctors cos our talent has been relegated to the background. But u know what? I have realized that medicine is so diversified, with specialties that are in tune with whatever talent you have. You just have to identify which aspect of medicine portrays your passion and pursue it and trust me, you will enjoy your career. For example, if you are a lover of sports, there is sports medicine. If you love talking, there is community health, if you an IT geek,you can come up with medical software and so on. So basically, medicine is naturally structured such that you can match your passions with a specialty. All we need to do is find out ‘comfort zone’.

Finally, I advise us all, do not be tied down by that white coat and steth. The sky is too large to contain all our talents. Whilst pursuing your career, diversify, do that thing that makes you happy be it writing, music, politics etc. I am happy that a lot of my colleagues are discovering themselves even with the rigors of medicine. We have writers, bloggers (like me and…), musicians, fashionistas, models, business men and women and many more. Trust me, your talent is what will make the most impact in this world a lot of times not even your degree. The global situation right now is such that your certificate,degree or title might not give you enough leverage. Rather, your talent is what will sell you to the world.

So make good use of your talent now that you can. Don’t let MEDICINE or any other course of study be a barrier. GOD WILL NOT HEAR THAT EXCUSE oooo!



Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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