15 STORIES OF 2015: #DAY 8

So memoirsbymide published my 2015 story… A lot happens in one’s life, it takes a lot of reflection to pen it down …each one of us has a unique journey, maybe we could learn from each other’s experiences….You see ‘friends’ or people you call friends everyday and may not know what ticks inside of them, the beauty of friendship is coming to know me for who I am, with the immensity of the dramas of my life experiences, the mistakes I have made and my successes… nice one memoirsbymide




I would have said that the highlight of my 2015 was my part 2 MBBS professional exams. I mean, the events leading up to the exams were quite remarkable to be easily forgotten; the stress of practical sessions, laboratory reports and field trips interspersed with accumulated daily boring and interesting lectures -which you had to read and remember enough of to write an essay on any one of them in the almighty Part 2 pros, cannot be forgotten.

Contrary to last year’s 200 level, I started 300 level with a little more determination; I remember when I would sit in front and try to read up lecture topics before the class, till I was way behind the lecturer and was forced to flee to the back row for fear of being asked a question I could not answer.

The overnight classes were memorable, not because…

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Author: Chibuzor F. Ogamba

Chibuzor F. Ogamba is a Nigerian Medical Student, Writer, Poet, Blogger, Public Speaker and Catholic Apologist

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