Light on our Minds

So I am at the annual convention of the Federation of Catholic Medical and Dental Students, taking place from the 10th till the 13th of this very month of September 2015 in Warri, Delta State, and so far it has been worth the while. The journey down here was smooth, and interesting too, so far medical and dental students from about 20 University Colleges of Medicine are here and it’s really fun seeing that number of people turn up to pray together, reflect together and discuss issues together, especially issues that particularly affect their faith and their chosen career path.


Speaking about the journey here, immediately it began, those marvelous beads called the rosary quickly rolled down the fingers of my brothers and sisters in the bus as we set out to commune with the saints and hand over the entire journey and program to God, guess the first part has paid off. However, sometime during the journey we set out to have a little discussion on the theme of the convention, ‘Living the Light’, as we reflected on some bible passages to that effect and shared, it was indeed enlightening. Continue reading “Light on our Minds”


About Yesterday…Some Tiny Serious Sports Details In The Healthcare Field

Entering into clinical class had afforded me quite some time to pay some strict attention to this blogosphere. Speaking of Clinical class, over here we are quite busy with the introductions to the various clinical skills. The program here is called Basic Clinical Skills and so far it’s been an experience getting introduced to the sphere where some of us might end up for years. A lot of things are fun though while some are not; the new self-adjusted clinical coats as against the former lab coats, the official or corporate attires which we have to get used to (especially having to wear a tie around your neck for hours; this is where I envy the ladies), the selfies during clinical rotations!!!!(Here I am king), the standing!!!(Some of us are still trying to figure out why we have to stand all through clinic hours, the first day wasn’t funny) and of course the learning, the skills, I mean we all want to be Doctors.

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You are at risk of Cancer if…


Well, Cancer is a word we have all heard about. For me, I have heard about cancer right from my childhood when I would hear my parents discuss it with friends. To be sincere, I do not know for certain if I am more or less scared of cancer than I was then. Continue reading “You are at risk of Cancer if…”

Let’s discuss Inflammation…

Well today we would look quite briefly at a particular health phenomenon that we all are very familiar with and that is inflammation. Yes, we are all familiar with inflammation, though we may not know that it is what it is. We may also not know the causes and the  mechanisms underlying an inflamed part of our body. Continue reading “Let’s discuss Inflammation…”

Medical Team? Sometimes I beg to differ…

Well, after the Easter holidays, we were called back to school to do a program we were apparently expected to do after the 200 level year, just before we resumed for 300 level. It was the BTS program, an acronym for Basic Therapeutic Skills. In this program we were meant to be introduced to the various aspects of Basic Therapy as relates to the various aspects of Health delivery in what constituted the Medical team. we would visit the various Departments in the College of Medicine and the Teaching Hospital and get acquainted with their various approaches to therapy, that is, taking care of the sick. The program was meant for 5 professional programs, Medicine and Surgery, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Radiography, and Nursing. So we all were mixed and divided into different groups, so as to help the idea of medical team sink into our minds, as one of the lecturers said.

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This day is unforgettable I guess…

Okay… I am back!!! And yeah, I know what you are thinking. You probably want to cut my head off at this moment. Or you would probably be like, ‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???’. Well, the important thing is that I am back now, and I promise I will do my best to remain with you every day.

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Today’s Funny Paradox!

Okay, today I am studying my anatomy, shame to the ongoing ASUU strike that has lasted for months now, I have got my morale back.
By the way, just wanted to share something I just read and I feel is somewhat a paradox, a funny one in anatomy.

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Laborers for the sick, Laborers for Christ!!! LUKE 10:1-12, 17-20

by: Chibuzor F. Ogamba
being part of a message to fellow Medical Students
   Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is with joy that I write these pages to you. This is a new week, a new beginning to live out our faith in Christ and to be salt and light to the world around us. This truth is very important dear friends as we reflect together on the above readings of sacred scripture which were the readings for Sunday.

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So my Medical colleagues did a Video…


They call themselves the TIGER CREW and these are their first two videos …


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My First Experience with Squamous Cell Cancer…

Life as a medical student is full of experiences, some good and some bad ones too. But there are some experiences that affect you so much that they end up changing something about you.
This leads me to say at this point that, whenever you meet a medical doctor or paramedic, a lot of what he is, and how he reacts, is a sum of all his experiences over the years.
Well, mine is not about me, or my school, but about a young boy whose father had a cancer.
It was sometime in August, that news began to go out in our fellowship that there was someone who needed up to 3 pints of blood for an important therapy. Well on my part, I did take it for granted because, that was not the first time such requests were being made. My school was inside a teaching hospital, and part of the missionary activity of churches and fellowships was to offer charitable services to the patients, especially those who were members of their faith communities from various places. And then, I had not donated blood before, added to the fact that I doubted so much that I was fit for that. Now, I don’t want to say I was scared.

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