The Song of a Sinner

by: Prince Ndionyenmah

How beautiful is this day for it is the Lord who made it so. He tells the Sun to give its heat again, and the atmosphere it’s weather. O! How wonderful is this day for He fills the birds in the skies whose songs are like a morning hymn. The leaves He bathes with the dew, and so they flourish with every pride. For I am healthy and strong this morning; only last night did I sleep very weak and weary. And then who says this day isn’t perfectly crafted…who says each day isn’t a gift. Show me the man who hates this life and let me be a proof that life is worth living. Continue reading “The Song of a Sinner”


The indispensable truth for today !!! (2 COR. 4:6-17; MATT. 16:24-27)

Looking at today’s readings, a particular theme resonates, from the first reading to the Gospel. This is a theme that is so essential to our Christian life, and so fundamental that it is indispensable. Unfortunately, many today look on it as unchristian, following the Gospel of men instead of the Gospel of Christ, corrupted in thought and deed by the hedonistic mentality and philosophy of today’s world. Speaking of hedonism, it is no little wonder that St. Paul, the apostle we would be hearing from first today, in his second letter to Timothy in the 4th chapter, and in the 3rd verse, warned Timothy, that a time is coming when people would no longer endure sound doctrine, but would surround themselves with false teachers to please their itching ears. (cf 2 Tim. 4:3). We, today, contrary to what our forebears in the faith; the holy ones of God, lived and practiced in their relationship with God and in their journey of Sanctification by the Spirit unto perfection through the merits of the finished work of Christ accomplished in his crucifixion, suffering and death of the cross, we now do not consider this particular element of our faith life necessary, sometimes we adopt a minimalist perspective and philosophy in not wanting to do ‘so much’, especially one that would cost us our comfort, and so we sink into inner lukewarmness and tepidity. That is why it then seems as though Christianity has lost it’s flavor, it’s sweetness of old. Continue reading “The indispensable truth for today !!! (2 COR. 4:6-17; MATT. 16:24-27)”