Choose You This Day

By: Chibuzor F. Ogamba


Choose you this day,
Two arms reach out to me,
Each one reaching deep,
And touching the deepest desire,


Choose you this day,
Tormented every day,
Tested in every single way,
By desire that knows not its needs,


Choose you this day,
The beauty of life and yet the horror of it,
The pursuit of the one thing I know not,
Yet finding so many that seem like it, Continue reading “Choose You This Day”


The FECAMDS Family: The Making of a Nation of God’s Children

by: Fabian Chinenye Adili-George

 from Lagos State University College of Medicine, Ikeja

 as at the time of writing this piece he was the National Ex-officio FECAMDS, NIGERIA; 2014/2015.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” –Henry Ford

If I ever have the opportunity of being questioned about my most inspiring moment of life, i bet I would say; it’s whenever I see the wonder of every new day, after the quiet dark of the night fades, and a new day is birthed. That which is most amazing is when I have the opportunity of witnessing that very moment when the skies bow in a slowly fading fashion and separate the night from the glow of a brand new day, and then the morning is etched with the echoes of faraway whistling birds. Wow! Is all that comes out of my mouth accompanied with this deep sense of reverence of the Almighty.

Science would tell us that my above description best fits the word “dawn” i.e. the time that marks the beginning of twilight before sunrise, recognized by the presence of weak sunlight while the sun itself is still below the horizon- the depth of knowledge behind this phenomenon is endless as many postulations on how and why it comes to be fills the air spaces and in the dotted lines of bulky textbooks, but if I was asked to explain that which happened, I would likely simply say ;”it’s a miracle born out of the works of the only creator of the universe who is God”.

One would surely be tempted at this stage to wonder where all this actually leads, but do not be alarmed as this write up is about “the FEDERATION OF CATHOLIC MEDICAL AND DENTAL STUDENTS, (FECAMDS) and her twentieth (20th) year of existence” she should be likened at this age to this “dawn” I speak of and is to blossom forth into her full blown “day” if we (her members) come to the understanding of some germane facts. Hence, we would be discussing twenty (20) steps we must all consider at our 20th year of existence as a nation of God’s chosen children. They are as follows: Continue reading “The FECAMDS Family: The Making of a Nation of God’s Children”

Light on our Minds

So I am at the annual convention of the Federation of Catholic Medical and Dental Students, taking place from the 10th till the 13th of this very month of September 2015 in Warri, Delta State, and so far it has been worth the while. The journey down here was smooth, and interesting too, so far medical and dental students from about 20 University Colleges of Medicine are here and it’s really fun seeing that number of people turn up to pray together, reflect together and discuss issues together, especially issues that particularly affect their faith and their chosen career path.


Speaking about the journey here, immediately it began, those marvelous beads called the rosary quickly rolled down the fingers of my brothers and sisters in the bus as we set out to commune with the saints and hand over the entire journey and program to God, guess the first part has paid off. However, sometime during the journey we set out to have a little discussion on the theme of the convention, ‘Living the Light’, as we reflected on some bible passages to that effect and shared, it was indeed enlightening. Continue reading “Light on our Minds”

Empire State of Sex


By: Chibuzor F. Ogamba


Many of us, including me, met the world in a ‘state of sex’, where the ultimate pleasure of human relations is in sex, the ultimate purpose of friendship is sex, the very end of a meeting between two people is sex, the way to hang out and have fun is sex, the best thing to sing about is sex, the very distinction between a man and a woman is with regard to sexual experience. You probably clicked to view this particular post because of the word ‘sex’. The time is upon the world when the totality of the human person is viewed and is defined by what he or she can do in sex. You are either ‘straight’ or ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ or ‘Bisexual’ or ‘Transgender’ or ‘Bestial’. The whole world has been so fixed on the sexual experience, that it has applied all its many other errors to this particular experience.


Why then do we get surprised when we start hearing about sex between men or between women when sex between a man and a woman has become so old-fashioned because it has been used up and all its peculiarities have been explored to the ‘fullest’? Why do we get agitated when some of us decide to choose who to enjoy the experience with? Why do we seem disgusted when we hear that a man or a woman does not prefer a sexual experience with the opposite sex, is not interested in being involved with the same sex either, but is more interested in lower animals, I mean, that has not been largely tried. Or should you think it out of trend that others having run out of trying the above options from a one-sided perspective are jumping at the idea and embracing the opportunity to try it from another? Even as we speak, I am sure many frustrated citizens of our world have put on their thinking caps for newer sexual experiences. Continue reading “Empire State of Sex”

I write this to you

Yes, I write this to you, yes you who are reading this. And I write this presently thinking of you as you read this. I wish to speak to you, to your heart, to the very recesses of your being. But to begin I would like to ask a favor of you, only do not refuse me. Pause for a moment and think, how many more years do you have on the surface of this earth? Rather, how many years do you think you have to live? Or better still, how many do you want to live?

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The Analogy of Progress- The Plans of the Enemy Exposed!!!

At the beginning of the world, God commanded the earth to bring forth “the green herb, bearing its seed, and every fruit tree yielding fruit, each after its kind, which also has its seed in itself.”’(Gen.1:11) This was the passage of scripture the wise and blessed Francis de Sales made use of in his book, ‘Finding God’s Will for You’ which I have started reading and which from the beginning has captivated me. What was he trying to say with regard to this text? He was trying to draw what I would like to call an ‘analogy of progress’, By this I mean that from that verse we see that in the way God created the green herb ‘bearing its seed’ and every fruit tree yielding fruit, each after its kind, ‘which also has its seed in itself’ an analogy of progress or continuity is drawn by God himself. He did not create the trees and the herbs to just live on their own and in a way remain stable or lasting in a fixed manner of existence, he created them with a view to increase, to grow. The essence of the ‘seed’ is to, in a way, create a pattern for a growth potential, an increase potential.

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Abortion- A Meditation on Scripture

As I write these words, more than 47,669 babies have been directly killed today. Since I loaded the web page which has the abortion counter some minutes ago, more than 5,251 unborn children have been killed, and this year, more than 16,425,995 unborn children have been killed. Many countries and states continue to legalize abortions and Physician assisted suicide has continued to be on the increase as well.

The situation is worrisome and is even more so as people who are being charged with the nobility of preventing disease and in effect engendering life, have turned around to be harbingers of death. As Christians, what are we to do? What camp are we to join? I am indeed aware of the many arguments for both sides from many corners, but what I want to do is to listen to Our Lord himself, the Eternal Word, our own master, and teacher, to find out what exactly, we, the people of His way, should believe and do about these issues. Continue reading “Abortion- A Meditation on Scripture”

The Theology of Giving

In my last post I mentioned that there were two themes on my mind, one I wrote about, but the other is something I feel for me is important. Before we finally leave Tobit, there is something else in its 12th chapter that we need to consider. Amongst the many things Raphael told them, one important thing he said to them was that it was better to give alms than to treasure up gold, that almsgiving preserves from death, and it purifies from sin, and that those people who give alms will have a long life (Tobit 12:8-9). You see, I do not mean to underestimate us all, we all know that it is indeed good to give alms, we really don’t need a new person to tell us that. But something we may not have considered is ‘How good exactly is giving alms?’

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